Referral Criteria

Referral CriteriaDefendants are arrested and booked in the Davidson County Criminal Justice Center. If the defendant is unable to post bond, he or she will be seen by a Public Defender within 24 hours. At this time, the Public Defender will review the file and can make a referral to the Drug Court Assessor, if the defendant meets eligibility criteria.

The Drug Court Assessor will assess the defendant and make a recommendation for program placement. The Defense Attorney can contact the Drug Court Assessor with a referral for their client. If a case is in another criminal court other than Division 4 and found eligible, the case can be transferred to the Drug Court docket in Division 4. A current probation or Community Corrections violator can be referred for Drug Court Screening. An inmate who completes the Lifeline or Chances program, operated by Corrections Corporation of America, Inc. (CCA), successfully can be referred to the program.

To make a referral contact:
Davidson County Drug Court
1406 County Hospital Rd.
Phone: (615) 862-4200
Fax: (615) 862-4219